5 Driveway Materials to Consider Styling the Perfect Driveway

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Creating a home with desirable curb appeal is an aim of the majority of homeowners

As you’re choosing trees, foliage and light, are you also considering your driveway design?  Except for grass, your driveway probably takes up more square footage than anything else in your lawn.  The right driveway is a welcome mat to your interior design.

Your landscape strategy should include the type of pavement and driveway that will improve the style of your home.  An elegant Tudor wants a cobblestone driveway as a mid century ranch would be much better suited to a textured concrete driveway.  Let us look at a few of the choices available today.

Concrete is one of the first things people think about when they consider their paving options

The plain but functional concrete driveway has been replaced by versions with stamped designs as well as colours. Popular paving materials such as:

  • Cobblestone
  • Brick
  • Fieldstone

Could be replicated in concrete at a fraction of the price. You can also feature geometric patterns on your driveway.  Staining the completed driveway will produce depth and texture that adds to the illusion that you have a stone drive.  While plain concrete is one of your best budget alternatives, choosing and paying for the upscale design will give your home increased aesthetic value.

Affordability makes asphalt yet another popular option

It’s powerful, does not show stains such as concrete do and needs only a minimum quantity of maintenance.  A lengthy dark driveway can look impressive in a well landscaped yard.

Brick pavers create a driveway that is elegant and timeless

This is an excellent alternative for an historic residence.  You can occasionally find old bricks for sale at companies that focus on demolition of older houses.  Patterns can be created with the bricks which range from herringbone to basket weave.  A foundation bed of sand can offer your driveway equilibrium.  Another plus is that if a brick cracks it could be substituted without interfering with the whole driveway.

Cobblestone is a pricey but long lasting choice for high end homeowners

It’s extremely durable and environmentally friendly. The labor intense process of laying this substance, plus the price of the substance itself, makes the upfront cost prohibitive to the majority of homeowners.

If brick and natural stones are out of your budget as well as concrete pushes the funding, you really do have the alternative of gravel.  This smashed stone is eco- friendly since it allows rainwater to soak into the region instead of running off.  Maintenance is minimal.  You’ll have to replace the stones every few years but you will not ever have to worry about cracks in the drive.  Including a border of bricks or bigger stones will offer your driveway worth.  This option of driveway substance is popular in rural settings.

When choosing a driveway substance thinks about price

Maintenance and durability as well as how well it fits the appearance of your home and lawn.  How does it fit into your lifestyle?  Children that skate or shoot baskets in the driveway will appreciate a smooth coating.  If you reside in a snowy setting talk to a neighbourhood driveway designer to learn what is slip resistant and easy to shovel.  Drive around neighbourhoods with houses like yours and see exactly what driveways are attractive to you.

Every detail of your home, when thoughtfully selected, adds appeal that you enjoy now and contributes to the resale value later on.  Spend a little time looking at the decorative and practical options for your drive.  You may reap the benefits each time you return home.