5 ideas for a fashionable kitchen with a black kitchen hood

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Kitchen is the heart of every home, it’s a place where we spend time with loved ones, we cook and celebrate everyday meals. It is also a space that requires perfect organization, development and ventilation. That is why it is worth making sure that the kitchen looks aesthetically and that staying in it has become comfortable for us and our relatives. Remember that proper ventilation of the kitchen is not only the elimination of unpleasant odors, but also dangerous fungi, mold and vapors. We present interesting ideas of kitchen arrangement using silent and efficient kitchen hoods.

The idea for a Scandinavian-style kitchen

The Scandinavian style is one of the most popular ways of decorating the interior. For the past few years, it has been an indispensable element of modern apartments. It is characterized by bright colors, simplicity, versatility and attachment to nature, which we can see in wooden furniture with simple, geometric shapes. The Scandinavian kitchen arrangement is dominated by whites, grays and blacks complemented by accents in the colors of green and blue – like in the UV printed glass splashbacks. At the same time, a lot is happening here. Light, lightness and functionality dominate here.

The idea for an industrial style kitchen

Modern kitchen with elements of industrial style is a perfect solution for people who value unconventional projects. A timeless red brick combined with a natural shade of wooden fronts and a black granite countertop create a harmonious whole with glossy black kitchen backsplash. The elements that give the whole interior an elegant character play an important role here. A black kitchen hood with modern lighting and simple black wall shelves on which to put your favorite kitchen accessories can be a great idea.

The idea for a rustic kitchen

There is such an interior, at the sight of which each of us has some positive associations. Similarly, and in this case – beautiful kitchen in wood in an elegant apartment in the fairy-tale area. The kitchen is memorable for every fan of timeless solutions in a modern version. The whole is complemented by an excellent selection of colors of the kitchen and equipment, in particular the quiet classic kitchen hood, which perfectly matches the oven, sink and hob. Thanks to the three dominant colors – natural wood, gray and black – the kitchen is extremely spacious.

The idea for a traditional style kitchen

Traditional wooden kitchens combined with a modernly furnished living room or dining room enjoy growing popularity. Traditional style can have different faces – in this project it perfectly blends with elements of the Scandinavian style. The constant components of this trend are harmony and elegance. These designs prove that the right choice of colors and simple forms of glass hood and splashback can change any interior. The project used the classic kitchen hood with a straight line, making it a perfect complement to the whole. Perfectly refers to the shiny, floor lamp, wall lamps, floor tiles, carpet and decorations.

An idea for an eclectic style kitchen

Particularly noteworthy is the kitchen open to the dining area and living room. The interior is extremely simple and minimalistic, it has been equipped with an elegant island hood, mounted on ropes. This project focuses on the eclectic style, that is, one that combines elements of various styles – industrial, classical, or Scandinavian. This kitchen focuses on bold combinations of glass splashbacks, wide countertops and shiny fronts, which, despite the diversity of modern and classic additions, is an extremely harmonious, open and bright space.