8 Types of Area Rugs to Know Before You Shop

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There are various types of area rugs in the market and might be overwhelming to choose and decide what to get. So, we believe that it is essential to be familiar with them and know how they function according to your goal as well as space before you spend even a penny on them.

You should also know how it can greatly impact your interior’s overall look and its pros and cons at the same time, in that way, you can use them properly and place them in the perfect spot in your home.

Why choose area rugs then? As they give a warm connection to our space, they also serve as a piece that completes our room. Whether it is synthetic or natural area rugs, they have their own characteristics that you will definitely love with. Also, there are deciding factors like the material, price, and of course, how easy you can clean a piece.

We are excited to share this article as it will tackle all of those strengths and weaknesses we could see from each type. Furthermore, it will give you the additional information that you can use in deciding what to buy for your space.

1.  Wool Rugs

Wool rugs – It is naturally made up of fibers and is known to be hand-woven, tufted, loomed, and some are knotted. You can also see machine-made wool area rugs.

Moreover, because of the effort to produce hand-woven wool, they are expected to be more expensive. Still, it ensures quality and extensive work show how excellent their looks are. This type of rug is best used for the living room, hallways, outdoor rug, and high foot traffic areas. Types of wool rugs: hand-knotted, hand-loomed; machine-loomed; hand-tufted.

2.  Natural Fiber Rugs

Considered a professional interior designer’s favorite because of its rich texture and comfort it could give to space. It is also known for its durability and moreover practical in the long run. It automatically adds a classic and casual finish to your floor whether you use it indoors or as an outdoor area rug. Common types of natural fiber rugs are:

  • Jute;
  • Sisal;
  • Hemp ;
  • Sea Grass.

3.  Polypropylene Rug

You might confuse it with wool rugs but one thing is for sure, it is affordable than wool. Even if it’s more economical, you can still get the quality you want, and will still deliver you a water-resistant, durable rug for your space, even for outdoors and high traffic areas.

4. Hair-on-Hide Rugs

Handmade by talented and truly skilled artists made of natural material offers a modern and organic character to your interior. This type of area rugs also contributes a lovely visual effect with a soft texture and sophisticated colors that will also give you an Instagram-worthy look for your space.

5. Cotton Rugs

Cotton rugs are a breather for your interior and provide a sleek and neat clean look for your space for an affordable price. You could use this type of rug in your entryway, bathroom, kitchen, and many more that need some update with its various designs and contemporary style.

6. Synthetic Rugs

It is mostly a machine-made area rug, but there are also man-made types that look like wool and silk rugs yet are way cheaper but give resistance to tear and colorfast. You could use it as an outdoor rug too. They also come with a variety of cool and elegant designs, go ahead and look for those area rugs on sale and experience a visually appealing finish to your floors.

7.  Leather Rug

This may be more challenging to clean and maintain that depends on the type of leather. You should consider or do research on how it is made so you could determine if you can lay it on high traffic areas at your home. Furthermore, it still provides a high-end look for your interior and is considered an eco-friendly type of area rug.

8. Rug pads

It has two classifications which are the Multi Surface Thin Rug Pad and Thick Rug Pad. This is considered essential as a back pad for your area rugs that adds cushion and safe stability.

The thin rug pad one is usually used for a hard surface and makes your rug non-slippery for safety. This will not leave any discoloration on your floorings or stains.

The thick rug pads are an excellent option for a wall to wall carpeted floors or hard surface flooring and ideal for all area rugs. They also have the ability to mask uneven flooring and insulate more noises and add heat, especially in winter times.