9 Contemporary Interior Design Ideas

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Written By BillyRichard

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Today we’ll talk about contemporary interior design. I will explain 9 features of this interior design. If you want to become an interior designer, you should know all interior styles ideally. If you just want to be the designer for yourself, you can easily understand what style do you like and move further decorating your room in contemporary style or any other that we will learn a bit later.

1. Functionality is a must

Contemporary interior design likes functionality in their rooms.

Statues or cute things that are just taking place on the table near the TV is not the case for the contemporary design.

2. Ornaments are avoided

This interior style won’t use ornaments.

Any flowers or squares on the blankets may look like a mess.

So those who like contemporary style will usually use simple colors with no decorations.

3. Cold or not?

The interior that uses just functionality and no other fashion decorations may look cold.

But you can use warm colors.

The coral blanket with no print on it will look gorgeous.

Simplicity is the key point that interior designers use nowadays.

4. Neutral tones

Contemporary design uses simple and neutral colors.

Interior designer won’t add bright pink or light lemon color to such style.

So if you want to make your room classical and simple, use neutral colors.

I think that these colors are for people that are rich inside, in their soul.

Mostly, people that feel harmony will like such rooms.

They don’t like any stuff that will be thrown away in a week or two.

People of Contemporary Interior like “forever” furnisher, pillows, blankets, curtains.

And nothing distracts them from living with comfort and dreaming.

5. Large blocks of colors

How would you use colors in your room?

Do you like a lot of small spots of color in your room or do you like large accents?

Contemporary design will use color in large spaces, blocks.

One color on the bed, another color on the windows, and the different color on the walls.

That’s all.

6. No curves

I don’t really imagine the room without curves, but I saw the great contemporary room with no curves!

They use straight lines in the interior, but with different angles.

For example, the triangle lamp. The base can be softly curved, but the main shape will be a triangle.

7. Unadorned Windows

Contemporary interior doesn’t have adorned windows.

You can notice the same principle in the point #2, where ornaments or decorations are not used.

Simplicity and functionality are main features of this interior design.

8. Natural decorations

Bamboo blinds, wooden table, the carpet made of wool will perfect suit this type of interior.

Roman shades are also great for contemporary style.

9. Smooth textures

For furniture, lamps, curtains and other accessories use smooth textures.

Designers usually use several interior styles, but we need to learn all of them perfectly before starting complex designing.

Have fun when creating your own style at home.

Be creative and feel what you like, You can do it!

Good luck in creating contemporary design!