Best Destinations in Kashmir Tour Packages

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Go east go west, go north or go south, you will never find a single tourist destination that can stand the charm and appeal of Kashmir or the ‘Crown of India’! Standing graciously at around 1,850m above the sea level and tucked away between the fascinating Karakoram and PirPanjal Ranges, this pictorial valley is often called the cult of tourism in the country.

Adding more to the alluring charm and beauty of this valley, there is the scenic Jhelum River, bright and colourful gardens, picturesque lakes and towering mountains. Wearing a moderate climate throughout the year, this gorgeous valley is also known for the amazing and exciting Kashmir tour packages that allow the visitors to enjoy its pristine and untouched beauty to their heart content!


Talking about these tour packages, they offer an ample of scenic places to visit along with an exciting list of things to do to the visitors. To have a better understanding about all these tour packages, let’s go through some of their must to experience:

Best time to enjoy the Kashmir Tour Packages:

A visit to the wonderful Kashmir Valley media-and-networksblog is all about romancing the captivating hills and mountains, pictorial meadows, verdant gardens and other natural marvels. And to experience the best of this valley, you must plan your visit during the months of March to October.

Believe it or not, if you visit during this part of the year, you can enjoy the essence of three different seasons in Kashmir; March-May (early): spring, May (early)-August (late): summer, and September-November: winter. Visit this scenic valley during these months, avail the different Kashmir tour packages, and enjoy its enchanting beauty in its full glory!

Must Visit Tourist DestinationsIncluded in these Tour Packages:

  1. Srinagar:

The largest and one of the most beautiful cities in Kashmir Valley, Srinagar or the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir sits adorably on the banks of the Jhelum River. The abode of the much acclaimed Dal Lake and the colourful Mughal Gardens, this city is one of the must visit and most attractive summer destinations in the whole country.

  1. Gulamrg:

Located at 2,730m above the sea level in the PirPanjal Range of the Himalayas, Gulmarg or the ‘Meadow of Flowers’ is one of the most sought after skiing destinations in the country. Avail any of the Kashmir tour packages and visit this picturesque destination during the summers and winter, and witness how nature changes its colour and hold you captive throughout your stay in here!

  1. Sonamarg:

Drive around 3 hours from Srinagar and you will reach the ‘Meadow of Gold’ or Sonamarg in Ganderbal district. Home to the stunning Kolhoi and Machoi glaciers, this alpine valley is guarded by several Himalayan peaks and offers astounding views of the same.

  1. Leh:

For the lovers of hills and mountains, Leh proves to be the most captivating tourist destination in and around the Kashmir Valley. Located in the Ladakh region at around 11,562ft, it is also a hub for the adrenaline junkies.

  1. Baramulla:

Adorned by the Jhelum River, Baramulla is around 55km from Srinagar and is known as the ‘Gateway to Kashmir Valley’. If you an ardent lover of the Kashmiri apples, Baramulla is the place for you; it is the largest grower of apples in the Kashmir Valley.

  1. Jammu City:

The ‘Winter Capital’ of Jammu and Kashmir, Jammu City is also among the must visit tourist places in the Kashmir tour packages. Standing on the banks of the Tawi River, its beauty and charm is further enhanced by the captivating Shivalik Range and the Trikuta Range.