Gerber Plumbing Fixtures

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One of the two most technical elements of a household, aside from electrical wiring is plumbing. It takes skill and expertise to work with tubing and pipes for the distribution of purified water to the entire house, and the removal of waterborne waste. In fact, plumbing can’t be done by just anyone except by a licensed plumber.

The plumbing industry is considered an essential part in the world economy since plumbing is a necessity of people. If there is no proper plumbing and distribution of water, then no household will be supplied with water for everyday needs.

One player in the plumbing industry is Gerber Plumbing Fixtures Corp., a manufacturer of faucets and other China plumbing products that are known for its extremely high quality and durability. Globe Union Group Inc. owns this company although most of its assets were already sold according to recent news reports.

The company was initially established by Max Gerber in 1932 and since then has dedicated his life to producing not only quality products, but stylish as well. In fact, Gerber is renowned for having fixture designs that are not common with other plumbing companies.

The company has two manufacturing plants in China and North America, but Gerber plumbing tools are only distributed in the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean. The company is expert in producing residential and commercial plumbing products throughout the country, and has a unique expertise in coming up with new sets of hues and designs.

The products’ durability paved the way for a larger market and customer base for Gerber, when its competitors failed to produce the same products with as long a lifespan as the fixtures manufactured by Gerber.

Aside from plumbing fixtures, Gerber also manufacture compression stems, china bidets that usually go along with bathroom toilets and water closets, faucets, electronic flush valves, toilets and urinals, and brass tub drain and tanks.

The Go Green campaign pushed by the government to practice eco-friendly manufacturing processes and production of environmentally safe products has given Gerber plumbing fixtures a green status; a highly honored status that leverages any company who has achieved it into a higher and wider customer base and loyalty.

Gerber plumbing fixtures can be purchased wholesale, mostly by professional plumbers. Buying in wholesale is definitely more profitable than when purchased in retail. Wholesale buys are often done when doing service for hotels, schools, and commercial establishments with multiple spaces needing plumbing fixtures.