Hair transplant cost factors

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Hair transplant cost is a critical factor for individuals considering hair restoration. One can spend as little or as much money  as they want during the procedure. It is important to evaluate and know the cost factors of hair transplantation. The cost of hair restoration is determined by grafts basis; the number of grafts the client requires to get his desired looks. Also, the cost may differ on different medical clinics and the surgeons. However, people assume that hair restoration is expensive, and so they don’t consider it. Hair transplantation may not be cheap, but it is affordable depending on an individual.

Delhi is the capital of India and its people are highly conscious about their beauty. People love to flaunt their shoes , bags ,clothes and leave no stone unturned when it comes to style especially their hair style. Hair plays an important role in giving a particular look to a person and so baldness has no place for such people. One way and the best way to get rid of baldness is hair transplant.If you have been looking for an affordable cost of hair transplant in Delhi then now is your chance! Book your free online consultation and get to know more about hair transplant. Treat your baldness and transform yourself.

The cost of hair restoration is an obstacle itself since there are no precise figures on cost. There are some factors affecting the cost of hair restoration;

Bald size

The size of an individual bald scalp is a major factor that affects the cost of hair transplantation, the extent of hair loss. The greater the area that requires the restoration, the more expensive the procedure will be. For a male with severe pattern baldness restoring the lost hair will be relatively expensive. 


The number of grafts required.

Mostly hair transplantation cost depends on the number of grafts intended to refill the bald scalp. If the individual decides to have more than one hair transplantation to acquire the desired results that will incur additional cost. In most cases the amount of hair grafts required to refill a bald scalp of minimal hair loss is 600 grafts. 1500 grafts are required for extensive hair loss. Surprisingly the more grafts required, the cheaper it gets, the cost lowers as the number of grafts rises.

The technique involved

Hair transplant cost also depends on the technique an individual chooses.

F.U.E ( follicular unit Extraction). In FUE the cost is a little bit expensive where someone gives another individual their hair follicles at a fee. Some donors are paid to harvest their follicles, and they are implanted to another person bald scalp, apparently the curl, color and texture of the donor must match that of the recipient. It is slightly expensive since the client will have to pay for the grafts and the hair restoration.

Neograft is the latest technology in hair transplantation with minimal invasion and is not time-consuming. At times the procedure is prohibitively expensive depending on the surgeon experience and the location of the clinic.

Strip harvesting where tiny hair pieces and follicles are removed from the back of the donors skin used to be costly before the technology. This method is time-consuming and leaves a linear scar at the back of the donor. It was conducted mostly in the ‘80s and ‘90s.

Doctor qualification and experience

Choosing the best surgeon with the best skill and expertise is another factor affecting the cost of hair transplantation. The best-experienced doctor must have a great sensibility on how to harvest the hair without breaking or damaging the grafts. Identify the best donor zone and how to transplant the hair grafts to acquire the desired natural look. This will expose the client to a higher cost and charges. Doctors with a good reputation have a chance of charging hair transplantation higher since they are in demand.


The cost of living varies from different economies of the world. This affects the cost of hair restoration from one country to another depending on the cost of living. The surgeons in a place where the cost of living is high are expected to charge relatively expensive compared to other countries where the cost of living is low. For example, a doctor in Dubai is supposed to cost slightly expensive than a surgeon in India.

One needs to conduct a detailed research so as to get the best surgeons with an excellent reputation and experience, the best location where the cost of living is affordable, the best technique that will bring out the best natural looks, desired hair style and hairline.  When an individual considers all the mentioned factors affecting hair transplant globally, they can achieve to maintain and restore their hair affordably. Hair transplant has not skyrocketed the economy, actually hair transplant has scaled down, from expensive hair restoration procedure done in the 90s to the modern technology processes and there is no reason whatsoever to stay with a bald scalp.

The good news is that hair transplants prices and cost have reduced dramatically over the years having acquired the technology to perform hair transplant techniques faster and efficiently thus enhancing completion globally.

Individuals may feel like receiving hair transplant is expensive and opt for cheaper and low cost, well, that is just fine. In as much as it is right to shop around and compare the prices of restoring the hair from one clinic to another since there is great completion, it should be kept in mind that low cost may end up costing more in the end if a substandard work is done.