How to Best Improve Your Property’s Value

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Written By BillyRichard

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As the UK continues to experience a property buying bubble, the average house price has increased substantially. Many homeowners are now motivated to sell their property and do so before the end of the government’s stamp duty holiday, which is set to end in March 2021.

While much of the demand is directed toward holiday homes and those away from city centres, the potential savings have driven demand up broadly. No matter where you are located or what type of home you are interested to sell now is a window of opportunity to do so.

While getting your property on the market, if it isn’t already, there are a few things you can do to improve it’s potential value as well as its appeal, increasing the likelihood of a sale. While some may require a little time or investment, each one will benefit your property.

Energy Appeal 

A greater number of new homeowners are looking to improve their carbon footprint. Eco-consciousness is becoming increasingly popular and your property should follow as many are now less forgiving of homes that will end up costing both their bank accounts and the planet more.

Ensure your property is well insulated and has an efficient boiler, as well as any other assets that might improve its energy efficiency rating.

Improve the Lighting

The lighting within a home makes a significant difference to a viewers opinion. If a home is not well-lit, it can leave many feeling uncomfortable, and the best homes are those that receive plenty of natural light through large windows.

Once you’ve welcomed as much sunlight into your property’s space as possible, make sure that each bulb illuminates your room with the right colour and the right brightness.

Add More Rooms 

Demand for extra rooms has always been popular. However, now, it is for more than just an extra bedroom. Property shoppers are looking for offices spaces, hobby rooms, and workout studios.

If you don’t have the ability to create an extra room within your property, consider adding one to the garden or outdoor space. Cabins and summer houses have become wildly popular around the UK, replacing sheds and offering extra customisable space to homeowners.

Update the Technology

Forward-thinking properties are more appealing. Not only do they mean less effort as new technologies and gadgets require specific installations but they also prevent the need to perform expensive renovations.

For example, one of the most desired technological addition to housing is now car chargers. Electric cars are quickly becoming more popular as is having a charging point at home. For many properties, it is the complication and cost of rewiring that prevents many from setting a charging point up. If you install one in your property, you’re likely to see great interest. 

Make More Space 

Space is one of the most desirable assets to a home and yet many of those selling property continue to do so without maximising their potential. Merging rooms together, such as a dining room and a kitchen, opening up space for company and light, can make a significant difference. If this isn’t possible, stripping back furniture and decorations to, at the very least, give the impression of space will help your home to sell.