How to write an outstanding supplement

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A supplement is a separate publication to the main work to provide additional information or summaries.

In academic circles supplements are school-specific essays that many colleges require in addition to the ordinary universal application essays.    They give admission officers an opportunity to know students more and gauge they wait for the express their interest in admission to college.

Here are the ways of how to write an excellent supplement.

Research on Relevant Aspects of the School

Research on the school especially the specific program that desire to join, classes you want to join and the professors who impress you.   Collect information on the values that the school imparts to learners such as leadership, best book review writing services entrepreneurship or innovation and write about your relating life experiences, background or interests.

Be creative by researching on the school’s social media forums to get insider information. You can also gather information from friends or family who went there for details, college reps or answers to particular questions from admissions staff.

Prepare an Outline

A supplement only has around 250 words thus you should pick just one or two ideas that guide your ideas in the best way.  For instance, you will write about the engineering department of a school if you are writing to declare your interest in studying this course.  Prepare 2-2 bullet point to write for each of the focal points. For example:

  • Receive mentorship and guidance from Professor Phillip who is a specialist in electronics engineering in the area I am would like to become a specialist
  • Take engineering classes linking to electronics (mention the specifics)

Write a Supplement Customized to School Prompt

Here is the most crucial step because it carries your answer.  An answer that exceeds 50 words should be in a coherent structure with an introduction, body, and conclusion.

First paragraph: The length is limiting but does not curtail your expression. Write your ideas down without thinking about word count and reduce the excess when editing. Start with your best points on why the school is the most appropriate place for you to study and achieve your dreams.   Write a short, exciting detail or example to get the attention of the reader but desist from anecdotes as they will even exceed the word limit.  However, spend most sentences to support your point such as how you met an alumnus of the college who made an exciting discovery.

 The second paragraph: use the second paragraph to include other important points that you can discuss in general terms. The intention is to color the supplement a bit to engage the reader and stand out because many college applications are the same because of formality and a slight deviation will wake admissions officers from the monotony.

End by expressing how admission to a program will help to gain knowledge that will enable you to achieve your career objectives, why you are an ideal candidate and your commitment to utilizing the opportunity.

Edit and Proofread

 Edit your supplement by removing surplus information that does not support your arguments and use words that that say things concisely to shorten sentences.  Use suggestions functions or track changes because you can make changes without fearing an inability to go back. Ensure that your word count is within the specified limit by the school.

 An excellent supplement should answer the school promptly. You should customize your writing because a general supplement for different applications might not make an impact.