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If you have to work with your computer all day in the office, it can be very difficult for you unless you have air conditioning installed to make everyone in the office feel comfortable. If you have to work in cold or hot weather, it can even affect the productivity of office workers. However, if you do need to set up a aircon in your office, there are certain things to consider. If you interested to know more new aircon in Singapore , please visit our Singapore Aircon Company website here.

Some reasons to install the aircon in the office include:

1. Create a comfortable office environment: The Aircon you will be installing in the office should be able to create a comfortable environment for the employees working in it. If they have to work in very hot or very cold conditions, they will be hungry, tired, sick and angry. Due to lack of energy, they may not be able to focus on their work. Your air conditioner can help them get back to work by controlling the operating temperature in a comfortable environment. Often, office workers have the greatest potential to work in environments that are neither too hot nor too cold.

2. Prevent health problems: When your office workers are forced to work in extreme weather, they may have symptoms of sick building syndrome, including dry eyes, respiratory and skin problems. Similarly, if they are forced to work at extreme temperatures, they will have to deal with issues such as rashes, dehydration, excessive sweating and heat stroke. The air conditioner you choose for your office should be able to maintain the right temperature in the office to avoid any health problems caused by working at extreme temperatures. In the spring, it also removes allergens from the office, which can irritate the nose, skin and eyes.

3. Improve business visibility: When you have a coffee shop in your office, you can make your business more popular by making customers happy. In the summer, if you want to keep your office cool, your customers will thank you. Increased customer traffic in the office will undoubtedly help improve your business and increase profitability. In addition, customers will spend more time in your office if the temperature is controlled according to the weather.

4. Use favorable technology: If the office is related to thermal technology, you need to install air conditioning in the office. You need to make the machine run longer to convince the customer. This will warm up your office environment, which will not only make your employees feel uncomfortable, but will also make your customers feel uncomfortable. In addition, air conditioning running in the office will keep your machines cool with employees and customers at no extra cost.

Factors to consider when purchasing an air conditioner

5. Room Size: When choosing an air conditioner for your office, you will find A/C window units with different capacities and sizes. You need to buy a product that meets your office needs. You will need to purchase a window bar for the size of the office for cooling and ambient temperature range so that it can be adjusted as needed.

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6. Confirm the safety of office windows aircon: Some A/C unit windows are designed to be installed in swing windows, while others are installed in double-suspension windows. When choosing a /c window, you need to make sure your office is secure. If your office has only one window, a /c window will block the exit in the event of a fire.

7. Air Energy Efficiency: Almost all air conditioners have today’s energy efficiency rating. These range from 8 to 11.5, depending on the hardware used. You can reduce your electricity bill by purchasing an air conditioner with 10 or more EERs. In addition to EER, you should also consider other features such as fan speed, digital temperature control system, and sleep setting system, as all of these features can help reduce power consumption.

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8. Install a /c window: Two people can easily install an a/c window at a time, because it is not easy to operate and install it. Most window air conditioners include an air conditioning kit that includes brackets and window mounting brackets. Installers can use this accessory to ensure that the air conditioning in the office windows is tight.

9. Install the window a / c: If there are multiple slave windows in the office, you can lift the lower pane to place the air conditioner on the doorstep stably. If your office window is not large enough to support AC power, you can use the bracket to repair the exterior wall of the unit. Now you need to measure the unit according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Some models need to be tilted outward to condense the condensate, while others do not. Now you need to close the window space by starting the unit extension.

10. Mounting unit: You can lower the window glass on the unit or use brackets to hold it in place. To prevent some air passages from moving, the upper glass window should be fixed. The A / c extension can be fixed on the window jam. Now you need to properly close the seal. Internally, you can use the weatherproofing provided by the company around the air conditioner, while calfskin can be used outdoors.