Remodel Your 3-Room Home With These 3 Room Ideas

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Remodel Your 3-Room Home With These 3 Room Ideas

With House One’s Jenn Largesse, This Old House’s DIY Expert, we explore three stunning Room Home renovations to show how your style, budget, and DIY skills will transform a space.

Jenn Largesse, from House One, shows you how to transform your space with your DIY skills and budget.

Scroll down for more information on the bloggers involved in these renovations. For details about their remodels, visit their blogs listed under each description. To see the complete projects, click the links! !

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Aniko Remodels Kitchen

Aniko, a talented blogger at Place of My Taste, designed our first kitchen remodel. Aniko began by remodeling her 80’s kitchen, using stock cabinets. However, she soon realized that the space was too generic for her unique style.

Aniko chose to paint the cabinets and backsplash in order to update the look. She also opened up the space by replacing many cabinets with shelves.

Aniko sought out professional help when installing the flooring tiles. Aniko kept her budget in control by renovating her cabinets to allow her to spend on more expensive items, such as new countertops or patterned floor tiles, and hired a professional for installation. Aniko gave her kitchen a new look by transforming almost every surface. It cost just over $11,000.

Rachel Refreshes the Exterior

Rachel, who owns Shades of Blue Interiors blog, is the second remodel we have on our wish list. Her brick-colored house and barren windows begged for an update.

To add a pop to the shutters, this DIY-er attempted it first. After much reflection, she resolved to paint the entire brick house. She also toned down shutters and the door color to a more neutral tone.

Then she added faux brick to the concrete porch, and finished off the project by dressing up the columns with heavy-duty wood trim. The final touch was the addition of custom-built windows boxes. Rachel spent a lot of time and effort to make her shutters and windows herself. She was able then to spend the money on other projects, such as painting the entire exterior.

Susie and Mitch announce a brand new entryway

This Giant Life bloggers Susie and Mitch have completed the third and last remodel. They enclosed a porch from their 835-square foot Bungalow in order to make space for a formal entrance.

They created a striking feature wall from wood slats. Then they DIY-ed vintage-style brass lighting, using parts bought online. Another bonus? They made their pantry-style closet doors from large thrifted doors and cut them in half.

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