Remove the Old Sconce

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  1. Assess once-again to be certain the capability towards the circuit you’re taking care of is deterred and remove the lighting sconce. There ought to be three or four modest screw addresses which might be dragged or unscrewed in your full bowl of this lighting fixture. From that point, take away the screws retaining on the fixture into the walls socket. Whenever you pull on away the fixture from your wall, then you also may possibly want to minimize on it away from some other caulking that’s sealing the borders. This ought to show an assortment of cables. Untwist most the cable nuts linking the valve cables into the cables coming from this wall socket.


  1.     Clean the Area Around the Mounting Plate

There’ll probably be traces of caulking or alternative sealant on the lighting fixture mounting plate. Make use of a scraper to take out the sealant. Make certain you don’t scratch the paint off unless you plan on re-painting the region.

  1.     Install the New Mounting Plate

The brand new wall sconce probable was included using a fresh mounting plate built to suit. Take out the mounting plate out of your wall and then put in the brand newest one in the own place.

  1.     Install the New Wall Sconce

Twist the like-coloured cables with another with the wire nuts which have to come with your light fixture that is new. The floor cable might have to get attached into the mounting plate working with the colored screw which has all the fixture. The moment the cables are correctly attached, then connect the mild sconce into the mounting plate.

  1.     Seal the Perimeter of the Sconce

Utilize transparent silicone caulk to seal the location involving your light sconce along with also the walls as a way to prevent moisture out of becoming in the circuit board. Have paper towels easy to wash any extra lubricant.