Styling Your Bathroom

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The key to styling your bathroom is to not go over the top. Introducing a beautiful yet calm feel to your bathroom is important in making the space a relaxing and calming environment, just as bathrooms should be. You want to start with a neutral colour pallet. This means you’ve got more flexibility in terms of your accessories when you wish to change them in the future. Keeping your pieces timeless, yet stylish is the key to getting the distance you need out of your bathroom.

Colours and Layers

Having a good contrast between tiles and walls is a perfect way to create layers and definition into your bathroom space. If you’re starting from the beginning, consider having tiles in only the wet areas of your bathroom so you can create a contrast with your paint. Considering a white or neutral coloured tile with a light stone coloured paint or something more warm is a beautiful base to a calm and relaxing bathroom environment.

Bathroom Lighting 

Your bathroom lighting is important for creating ambience and texture. Whilst lighting is important throughout the entire house, the lighting in your bathroom is one way you can really make the room pop. Consider having lighting around a mirror, placed at the perfect level for you to get full use out of it but also creating an elegant bathroom aesthetic. Buster & Punch present the most beautiful lighting, for example their caged wall light made from a matt black metal cage and a polished white marble back panel. A beautifully designed product ideal for any bathroom space, particularly at either side of a bathroom mirror.

Image Source: Buster & Punch


Every bathroom needs greenery, even if it’s not real. A great idea if you’re low on space on the floor and by your sink or on any vanity’s is to fill a shelf with plants. Using a blend of greenery and aesthetically pleasing bathroom products will allow your shelf to flow beautifully. Alternatively, you could consider giving your shower area a touch of green by including some low maintenance plants that essentially water themselves. Placing plants adjacent to your shower head creates a beautiful living wall that requires little if no maintenance at all, your daily shower routine will give off all the water they need.

Bathroom Accessories 

Depending on the style you’re looking to adopt, there is a product out there for everybody. If you have space around your sink, you could include a tray to hold your jewellery, watches and cufflinks. Next to this, placing a small vase with artificial flowers in allows the accessories and décor to work coherently in creating a peaceful, beautiful and calming environment for your bathroom. Be sure to include matching hand towels and body towels in a neutral shade.

Top Tip: If you’re at home and it’s not a particularly cold day, be sure to keep your bathroom window open to allow a flow of natural air through to create a clean, fresh environment.

Image Source: Buster & Punch