Wedding Planning: How to Make Most of Your Food Tasting

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There are a lot of services on catering in Gettysburg PA that will surely take you on one of the most wonderful rides in the world of cuisine. If you are someone who is planning to throw a big party, event, or even a wedding, food is an essential part of the list. Choosing your caterer may seem as easy as pie; however, food tastings can be a bit overwhelming.

On the other hand, what could be better than having to sample a wide selection of foods – and then picking your favorites? To make the most of this experience, there are a few tips and tricks that will help you choose the best set of foods to serve your family and friends on the big day.

Before the Food Tasting

There are a few important reminders to keep in mind before the actual food tasting with a catering in Gettysburg PA. It would be best to give the chef a general sense of what you would want. Are you opting for a particular theme for your wedding? Are there any foods that you would want to be highlighted during the meals? Furthermore, it is important to give the chef an idea on what things need to be incorporated in the food making process.

As you try to select among the food options, always keep in mind your guest. While veal may sound good to you, it’s probably not the best solution. Furthermore, it would be great advice if you can go out of the box, instead of a “safe” menu.

Do not forget about the drinks. Ask yourself a few questions before saying yes to certain types of food – Are you serving these with wine? What kind of wine? Are you planning on serving any signature cocktails? If your caterer is handling alcoholic beverages, it would be best to include them on your taste test.

During the Tasting

Pay close attention to how each of the food is presented. It would help to take photos as well. While it may be fun to have BBQ ribs at your wedding, you wouldn’t want your guest having a hard time eating it at dinner. Furthermore, it would help if you can ask your caterer to provide photos of how the foods were presented at a previous client’s wedding.

The cost of each food, no matter how little, would eventually pile up. It is easy to get carried away by adding more options in your menu – options that you don’t necessarily need. Even though the catering service is a massive deal at your wedding, be wary of how this cost will affect the overall wedding expense that you will be incurring.

After the Tasting

Once you have decided on a menu, everything is downhill from there. A few reminders to keep would be to use the notes and photos taken at the time of the tasting as a basis to ensure that you did not forget anything. Furthermore, do not expect that the people who were present during the food tasting will be present at your wedding.

The final list you have provided will be their basis as to making your dream wedding dinner come true! Nonetheless, it would help to remind the catering staff working on the day of your wedding regarding specific details you envisioned the food to be served at your wedding.
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