What to Get a Gardener for Christmas

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Written By BillyRichard

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If you are a gardener yourself I bet you can think of a thousand and one things you would like on your Christmas list. However, for non-gardeners, buying the perfect gift for the gardener in their life can be a daunting prospect often resulting in a useful if unimaginative garden centre voucher. So, if you have a garden related gift to buy this Christmas and you aren’t sure where to start, here a few ideas that are both practical and imaginative and also won’t break the bank!

Garden tools

There are many tools both useful and innovative that you can buy at a reasonable price. Here are my top five. Kneeling pads are a good gift and don’t have to be totally practical. As well as practical plain colours, I have seen some great funky designs. No gardener should be without a trusty garden knife. If you do choose this as a present, make sure you buy a reputable make. Another invaluable gift is a good pair of multi-use secateurs. A tip however, most gardeners have their preferred brand for essential tools such as secateurs, so try and do a little digging first!

Something I just couldn’t be without in the garden is my plastic garden trug. These lightweight round trugs come with handles and in various different sizes. But best of all, they are available in a range of lovely bright colours. A great gift! You should be able to get them from any reputable garden centre or online. My final gift in this section is garden gloves. Yes, I know they can be pretty unimaginative. But why not splash out on something a bit luxurious. A lovely pair of soft leather gloves will have your particular gardener exclaiming in delight.

Reading material

There are a bewildering number of gardening books available and more seem to be published in time for the Christmas market. Do your homework and find out who is favoured in the gardening world, chances are that particular gardening celebrity will have a book out for Christmas. Alternatively, you could choose something on a specialist subject – your gardener may be into vegetable growing or bonsai, or have an interest in garden design. I also think a year’s subscription to a good gardening magazine is a useful present for any gardener.

Plants, seeds and bulbs

Like most gardeners, I like to keep abreast of the latest trends in plants and bulbs. I often mark catalogues with new plants and varieties I like the look of. If the gardener in your life has left catalogues lying around, why not take a peek and see if there is something special you can buy for them. Seeds are another great and inexpensive gift. If you want to be a little different, why not search for old and rare varieties of plants and vegetables or seeds taken from famous gardens. A collection of spring bulbs is always a great present at Christmas. Most gardeners are already making plans for spring and so will love a few bulbs either for their borders or outdoor planters.

Something special

If you really want to splash out why not buy tickets for your favourite gardener to visit one of our famous spring or summer garden shows like Chelsea or Hampton Court. Alternatively you could buy vouchers to visit a famous garden or other attraction. And if we are really talking special – why not book a tour of some famous gardens abroad such as Italy or France!

Stocking fillers

Finally, here are a few ideas for inexpensive stocking fillers. Garden scissors and string set – there are some lovely and practical vintage style sets available. Every gardener needs a pot of hand cream or gardener’s handwash or scrub. A pretty tin seed box in which to store those valuable seeds. Or, you could look for a stylish thermometer for the greenhouse.

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