Why You Should Prefer a Smart Door Lock and Alarm System?

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In the world of modern technology, we see electronic system. The door locks got modification too. To keep the houses, offices and building safe the electronic smart locks have been introduced. This has been considered as the small security system that keeps your houses safe against the thieves. The best part of these lock system is that these are keyless and you can easily operate through your mobiles using the apps that company provide you to install in your cell phone. The commonly used smart door lock system like eDOR, eBOX and eTether have following features that make them preferable to use for security purpose

Biometric method to open and shut the Door

The topmost reason for preferring this system is the use of the biometric technique. You have to provide your fingerprint, eye scan, voice or hand geometry in order to lock or unlock the door. In this way, a homeowner can use the lock system. The family members add their biometric identification in the app so that they can use the lock and no other person can use the system. In this way if some unknown person tries to open the door it will not open thus there will be no fear of any unusual activity at home.

Alarm system

Other best feature that these smart locks are that it has an alarm system. If someone tries to open the door the alarm rings and you will come to know someone is opening the door. If this happen you get a notification through your mobile app. In this way, you immediately call the police and keep your house or office secure.

If you are thinking of installation of new lock system at your home or office then why not to prefer smart lock and alarm to make your house safe against the thieves.