How does a hot air balloon flight work?

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How does it work? this is probably the first question you ask for your first hot air balloon flight.

Or maybe you’re just curious, great thing. We are myanmar balloon organize hot air balloon flights in bagan.

For this reason, we are able to provide all the useful information on the so-called ” hot air balloon ” and advice for those like you who want to inquire about balloon flights and how to do it.

In this guide you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding logistics, organization and obviously the basics that you need to know.

The article collects information on the balloon flight regulations, prices, safety, group and passengers, recommended clothing the hot air balloon journey and the average altitude it can reach.

To find out more, you can read the opinions of the passengers who have flown with us, reading the Trip Advisor reviews.

And if you want to experience your first balloon flight virtually, we show you the video on YouTube shot by one of our passengers. Enjoy the reading! We hope that we will fly together soon!

Flying in a hot air balloon is within everyone’s reach

The first question everyone asks is: will he be able to tackle a hot air balloon flight?

The answer is yes: taking a hot air balloon ride is an activity for everyone. We are used to seeing balloon flights as extreme sport practices, because there are those who continue to classify them as such.

In fact, to make a tour at high altitude with the hot air balloon ( ballooning ) there is no need for particular physical prowess, training, or preparation.

Anyone can take a hot air balloon flight. The flight is safe, quiet, the balloon proceeds with a slow and very relaxing pace for passengers. No need to be brave!

How and where does the hot air balloon take off?

The hot air balloon rides are scheduled in the periods of the year which guarantee optimal weather conditions to face a hot air balloon flight in complete safety.

Each airline decides its period of activity based on the geography and climate of the areas in which it flies.

myanmarvels organizes hot air balloon flights in Bagan from many years. The balloon flight is an activity to do in the early morning, when the weather and the winds are particularly favorable in the case of Bagan.

The organization informs the passengers of the meeting place and time. Usually to take a hot air balloon ride you need to take off from a field used for flight: a large surface with the characteristics suitable for takeoff.

The passengers, upon arrival in the airfield, usually find the crew and pilot busy preparing the hot air balloon.

At this stage, the staff must inflate the balloon with hot air using a large fan, an indispensable procedure for taking flight.

At the myanmarvels tours passengers can witness this fascinating moment: the fabric balloon lying on the grass like a sleeping giant that slowly inflates, tends, rises from the ground and then rises to the sky overcoming the landscape all around.

In the preparation phase, the staff let passengers know how they should behave while waiting to board, to ensure everyone’s safety.

This is also the right time to educate passengers on boarding and taking off. There is nothing complicated, just listen to the indications of the experts and do what they ask for at the right time.

When the hot air balloon and the passenger basket are ready to leave, the staff signals that it is time to board. Passengers do not enter the basket through a door. There are special steps on the sides of the basket: just lever on one foot to climb over the sides of the passenger compartment and go inside.

Those who are less agile will certainly find the help of the crew. The pilot, assisted by the ground crew, launches the hot air balloon, which takes off in a matter of minutes.