How to Have an Organized Computer Space in a Studio Apartment

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If you live in a big city and you have a small studio space, you want to make it a priority to use the space you have wisely. You may find yourself in need of a desk space. There are definitely good ways to have a desk space and ways to make sure that you are making the most of the space that you have.

By not having an organized work station you can make the flow for the rest of your home even less efficient. Through taking time to set up your computer space properly, you can make sure that you have a space that is easy to work and does not take away from the rest of your living area and that does not constantly look cluttered.

Cable Management

Managing your cables is probably one of the more important steps in making your computer station look less cluttered. When you have cables and cords cluttered on and around your desk it can be visually distracting and look incredibly messy.

First, consolidate the cables that you have. Make sure that you are using only the cables that you need and that you do not have any unnecessary cables plugged in. By reducing the amount of cables that you are using, you will have to worry less about keeping them all neat and tidy.

Second, keep them organized by making use of Rip-Tie cable ties. These can be extremely effective in keeping all of your cables organized and together. It can help to keep the flow nice and neat, and makes it far less visually distracting to look at.

Make Sure You Have the Right Equipment

Make sure that the equipment you have is the best for the space. It may not be a great idea to have a huge bulky computer with a large computer screen. You do not need to dish out hundreds of dollars in order to make sure that your set up is good.

Consider what your needs are and prioritize them. Remember that you do not need to get everything at once and that you can save and get different parts when you can. If you have a large setup, you will need to make sure that you have a space that can accommodate that.

If your computer station is a major priority for you, then you may not be opposed to having it be a main feature in your home, but if you are not as invested in the space see how you can simplify your setup.

Having the Right Furniture

You will certainly want to make sure that the furniture you are using is best for the space that you are in and that meets your needs properly. Not every computer desk is created equally and some are better than others. If you need some extra storage, consider getting a desk that can double as a storage space.

Perhaps you do not have a ton of space available, then consider getting a desk that is fairly small and minimalist. When it comes to minimalist desks, you will want to prioritize your cable management, because it will likely be much more visible than if you were using a desk that had additional storage.

Clean Your Space Regularly

Like you will likely have to do with a small space in general, you will need to make sure that you are keeping up with cleaning your space on a regular basis. If you allow clutter to build up it can make the whole house look cluttered and feel cramped.

Take time regularly to throw away trash, clean up the dishes, and organize any of the stuff that is around your desk space. Also make sure that you are taking the time to dust regularly. Not only does it help keep the space clean, but you want to avoid getting dust on the fans because it is not great for your computer.

Final Thoughts on Having a Small Computer Space

It can be done to have a small computer space that is nice and that is easy to work with. It may take some finagling, but it is certainly doable. You will want to make sure that you put a strong emphasis on how you manage your cables because that is one of the first thing that people will see when they go into a small home.

In addition to proper cable management, you will want to make sure that the furniture you are using is best for the space and that you are cleaning the area regularly to avoid accumulating dust and clutter.