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Your mattress and bed provide the very foundation for being able to enjoy a good night’s sleep. That is why it is essential for your mattress to provide you with the exact amount of comfort and support that you need. Our guide will help you identify what your needs are and provide you with an overview of the selection of beds and mattresses offered by Wayfair.

Types of Mattresses And Beds

Your bed is the determining factor in the quality level of your sleep. However, your bed also plays a key role in your well-being and health. If you wake up in the morning with back pain, that might indicate that your mattress is not providing you with the proper support.

Top Mattresses And Mattress Pads

The mattress pad is what separates your bed linen from the mattress. It protects that mattress and therefore extends its life. First and most important of all, a mattress pad can be removed easily and washed at a 60 degree Celsius moderate temperature. Therefore, a mattress pad provides you with a more comfortable, healthier, and cleaner sleeping environment. The top layer of the bed is the top mattress. It is made out of latex or foam core that is inserted inside a cover. The top mattress’s main purpose is enhancing your personal sleeping comfort and are available in many different kinds of models.

Many of the leading mattresses contain either high-resilience or down foam or polyurethane. Both types of foam provide a lot of comfort and support. In addition, we carry a selection of leading mattress containing advanced memory foam. This type of foam adapts to the sleeper’s body very precisely which helps it prevent joint and muscle pain as well as circulation issues.

A high-quality mattress stays close to your body while you are sleeping. That is why the mattress cover plays an important role as well. There are many different kinds of great mattresses for you to choose from, so make sure you check out the cover’s quilting and material to make sure it feels comfortable and soft. Many leading mattresses come with removable covers that can be washed at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. Dust mites are unable to survive at that temperature.

Advantages of selecting a quality mattress

Offers total comfort

Can compensate when a mattress is too soft or too hard

Provides protection underneath the mattress against wear and moisture

Extends the shape and durability of the underneath mattress 

Foam Mattress

This is a basic type of mattress that is used with a bed frame. It is comprised of a foam core that is placed inside of a fabric cover. A foam mattress is ideal for people who prefer their mattresses to mold to the shape of their bodies. The foam core is one of the most important components of this type of mattress.

PU or polyurethane foam: This popular type of foam is available in different levels of density and firmness.

Memory foam: This is a high-quality product that is able to adapt to the natural contours of your body and prevents joint and muscle pain as well as circulation problems.

Visco gel: This is a unique type of cooling gel that helps to regulate temperature

Quite often foam mattresses are comprised of multiple layers of different kinds of foam. For example, the core might be made out of a heavier polyurethane foam combined with a memory foam layers to provide the mattress with the optimal comfort level. Many mattresses also come with a profiled top layer. It helps to promote air circulation when the mattress is turned over. Some mattresses come with a built-in layer that is made out of natural coconut. It offers support and ensures that the mattress has proper ventilation. You can flip over many of the foam mattresses that we offer. That means the design of the mattress can be used in different ways, while also providing the mattresses with two different levels of firmness.

The cover is the final thing that needs to be considered when purchasing a foam mattress. There are many different types of covers that are available to choose from. Make sure it feels comfortable and soft. Many foam mattresses have removable covers that can be washed. When the cover is washed at 60 degrees Celsius that creates a clean sleeping environment and kills dust mites.

Advantages of selecting a foam mattress

Foam provides great support and is very comfortable

There are a number of different qualities that are available ranging from quality mattresses for daily use to light mattresses that can be used in guest beds 

Spring Mattresses

This type of mattress is comprised of a cover, bolster materials, and a spring system.  They are combined to provide you with a wide range of options to give you optimal comfort and function. It needs to lie on top of a slatted based on top of a bed frame. You can also use spring mattresses on divan beds and adjustable beds.

There are two different kinds of springs that are used in the core of spring mattresses:

Bonell springs are made out of thick metal wire and are in the shape of an hourglass. The springs provide the mattress with a long lifespan and firm surface at a price that is affordable.

Pocket springs are smaller compared to Bonnell springs. Each of the springs is encased inside of a small pocket of cloth to protect it against wear and tear. They also make the design more stable and reduce noise. With its numerous support point, these mattresses can adapt to your body very precisely to provide you with the ultimate comfort.

This spring system is located inside of a protective layer that is made out of different materials:

Profiled polyurethane foam: Many models use this type of foam since it diverts away moisture from your skin if you tend to perspire while you are sleeping.

Coconut: this natural material is often used in mattresses. It offers proper ventilation and support.

Memory foam:  This flexible material adjusts to your body’s exact contours. It offers the utmost support and helps to prevent joint and muscle pain as well as circulation problems.

Latex: Some of our most advanced mattress options use latex. It is a highly breathable material that offers both flexibility and support. If you have a tendency to get hot during the night this is an excellent choice.

You can flip over many of the spring mattresses that we offer. That frequently creates different levels of firmness on each side of the mattress to give you the chance to use the design option that you prefer. This can be a big advantage if your sleeping partner is much lighter or heavier than you and therefore do not need the same level of firmness. There are many different types of covers that are available for spring mattresses. Choose the best cover is very important since the material can affect both function and comfort. You can also choose a removable and washable cover. If the cover is washed at 60 degrees Celsius it produces a clean sleeping environment and kills dust mites.

Advantages of selecting a spring mattress

Since you can reverse a spring mattress is has a very good lifespan

You can use most of these mattresses on continental beds and adjustable beds as well

Test The Mattress Before Purchasing It

It is very important to make sure a mattress is comfortable before you buy it. Find a store that offers many different mattresses and try out several firmness levels and types of mattresses before making your final decision.