Transforming Your En-Suite

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Written By BillyRichard

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An en-suite is easy to neglect given it’s only used by you. You should treat your own personal bathroom as well as you treat the bathrooms that are visible by guests. After all, we all deserve a beautifully designed space to relax and unwind in.

Smart and Digital Showers

 Design features don’t just mean interior and accessories. 2021 brings new bathroom trends in the form of smart home features. A smart and digital showers give you the opportunity to create your own shower profile, giving you the right temperature and pressure each time you step into your shower with the touch of a button or the sound of your voice. Additionally, when you install this in your home you can create a maximum temperature setting for added safety features. 


Chromotherapy is reportedly increasing with the combination of heat, water, and lighting creating a healthier state of mind and helping with muscle tension. This luxury has many benefits, with the science of using colours to adjust and optimise your body vibrations that result in balancing out any health imbalances. Each colour within the colour spectrum adjusts specific vibrations your body, with orange being for muscle tension, and red being for the base of your spine.

 Flotation Tubs 

A flotation tub promotes deep relaxation, giving your body the opportunity to be in a reclined position, in a deep tub inspired by natural movement of the body and weightlessness. There really is no better way to relax and unwind than complete and utter weightlessness at the end of a long day. Introducing this feature into your en-suite if you have the space is an absolute essential, combined with chromotherapy and a digital shower you have an exceptional en-suite experience at your fingertips. 


Overlooking your lighting can be a big design error and even the smallest of bathrooms should be treated to the highest quality light fitting. When done right, bathroom lighting should lift our mood and get us ready for the day ahead, as well as allowing us to relax and unwind on an evening. Creating the right ambiance in your bathroom is important, so try to introduce lighting around any vanity mirrors that have the option to dim to the perfect level depending on the time of day. You can feature a main light for additional lighting, particularly if your bathroom is lacking in natural light. 

Colour Scheme 

Deciding on a colour scheme for your bathroom can be challenging. This is largely due to trying to complement your fixtures, fittings, and tiles, as well as your soft furnishings. You should consider how you want your space to look and feel. When tackling the en-suite, you can really personalise this space, given its for you and you only. We recommend sticking to a neutral colour palette, including white, greige, stone, and beige with black features. This way you can alter your soft furnishings easily to switch up the theme and incorporate new styles and trends.