What is microcement?

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Topciment microcemento is a decorative, composite covering based on cement, water-based resins, ingredients as well as mineral pigments.

It is an excellent material for both exterior and indoor surface areas; appropriate in floors, wall surfaces as well as ceilings … And also the most effective thing is that it does not require joints! So, as a result, it makes cleaning and also maintenance really simple.

Topciment uses you a variety of possibilities and coatings, where you establish the limit. Offer your rooms a unique and also individual character thanks to all the opportunities it supplies: various structures (thick, medium or fine), a wide array of colours, various varnish finishes (matt, extremely matt, satin as well as gloss). Its application in a hand-made way makes the outcome of each project even more unique and exclusive. In other words, unrepeatable. You will not find 2 surfaces alike.

Types of microcement

At Topciment, greater than just microcement suppliers, we are specialists. That’s why we make a difference.

STANDARD is the top two-component microcement on the market with one of the most versatile products.

EFECTO  is the ready-to-use microcement with a chosen variety of colours as well as textures for uniform surfaces of high decoration.

EVOLUTION is the one-component microcement for indoor floors as well as wall surfaces that includes powdered resin and is blended with water.

PURE METAL is the metallic finishing with an outstanding genuine steel coating, appropriate for any kind of layout thanks to the mix of metal powder and also acrylic resin.

How is Topciment microcemento applied?

In order for you to have an ideal lead to the application of microcement and also come to be an specialist, we clarify to you how to use it step by step:.

It’s applied in several layers.

To prepare the surface area, apply 2 layers of microcement for prep work or base, over a mesh, which will serve as a base for the ending up microcement.

Two layers of finishing microcement are then applied. This is the one that combines the desired texture and colour, offering the final appearance to the surface.

Lastly, to protect the finish, first two coats of guide and then two layers of water-based sealant varnish are applied.

Advantages of microcement

Brief summary of the qualities of our decorative coatings:

Seamless surface.

Application on floors, walls and ceilings. Interior and exterior.

Great variety of colours and textures.

Handmade application. Exclusive and personalised result.

High adherence. Covers any surface: tiles, marble, stoneware, terrazzo, plasterboard, concrete, cement, plaster, etc.

Great resistance to use, impacts, scratches and chemical products.


Non-slip, depending on finish.

Saves time and avoids complicated works. Without debris.

Material thickness 2/3 mm, so it does not affect the structural load of the building.

It has an excellent workability and does not require specific tools.

Natural materials. Eco-friendly product.

Easy maintenance and cleaning: with water and PH-Neutral soap.

Spaces free of germs and bacteria.

On what substrate can microcement be applied?

Microcement can be related to practically any kind of type of support: concrete mortar, self-levelling, terrazzo, marble, floor tile, plasterboard-Pladur or plaster, on both vertical and also horizontal surfaces in exterior and interior spaces.

Never ever use natural wood or substrate constructed from numerous sections which will certainly distend in different ways.

The assistance must be consolidated and also secure.

The surface should be dry and devoid of dust or oil.

The planimetry of the support will certainly figure out the result.


Among the major properties of microcement is its high attachment. Thanks to this it is possible to apply microcement on floor tiles, quickening the improvement as well as avoiding the particles of the initial lining. However this advantage depends on the security of the original floor tiles which must be firm not loosened. In such situations, it would be required to make use of mesh to strengthen the assistance.